eCommerce is booming, fraud is on the rise and the payment ecosystem is under increasing scrutiny

Fraud Protection for Merchants & the Entire Transaction Processing Ecosystem

Our products do not discriminate - Merchant, PSP, Acquirer, Issuer, Bank - large or small, our easily accessible, cutting edge technology is an essential addition to your fraud detection toolbox. Due to the diversity of our vast datasets we provide highly accurate, insightful, actionable fraud detection for all.

How we help...

This powerful AI platform assesses your transactional data in real time allowing us to instantly detect expected versus suspect behaviour - giving you real time insights into transaction fraud and the ability to take action in milliseconds.

Transaction Fraud Protection for Merchants

Plug and Protect Transaction Fraud Detection

Starting the moment you connect to our AI super brain - transaction fraud in your payment stream is detected - providing immediate value within your business. Fraudio's pioneering transaction fraud detection is versatile in its function - this powerful multi-dataset, modular, SaaS plug and protect tool is a game changer for merchants of all sizes.

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Our Process

Simple API integration & Pay-for-Use Pricing

We have removed the barrier to entry for merchants of all sizes by providing fraud detection via a cloud hosted application programming interface (API) that we manage. Once connected to your platform you instantly have access to advanced, pay per use, fraud detection.

How is this possible? What has changed?

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing power and scalable artificial intelligence hosting innovation has progressed while costs have reduced

API + micro service architecture

Micro service architecture combined with use of API’s facilitates the connecting of companies and technology

Data increase

The Amount of data available to collect and utilise in the building of artificial intelligence tools has increased exponentially - doubling every two years

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