Payment Fraud Detection

Our plug and protect payment fraud detection tool enables you to integrate in days and take control over fraud in real time

How it works?

Connecting to our API gives you instant access to thousands of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models trained using networked datasets containing billions of transactions. This powerful AI ensures your transactions are assessed against the most current information around fraud allowing you to reduce chargebacks and fraud while letting through as many good transactions as possible

To do this…

We use a simple traffic
light system

Each transaction gets scored and classified as Red, Orange, or Green - this allows your team to take action immediately whether this is transaction blocking or being screened further e.g manual reviews, investigation, 3DS etc.

You control your fraud

Whether your tolerance for fraud is high or low you can set your risk appetite accordingly. You decide, and adjust, the traffic light configuration depending on your operational or business needs at any point.

The Power of 3rd Generation Machine Learning AI

Machine learning is adept at catching fraud. It is accurate, super fast, and efficient. Fraudios Gen 3 machine learning coupled with networked datasets and powerful cloud computing takes ML fraud detection to the next level. This powerful plug and protect SaaS product makes fraud detection accessible and available to anyone in the payment ecosystem.



Democratising Fraud Detection

High Transactions Volume Partners

The diversity of our networked datasets can provide value to even the biggest bank - siloed datasets don’t provide the full picture. Combined with existing rules based fraud protection systems our platform users can choose to reassess all blocked transactions enabling them to lower false positives exponentially.

Processing 0 to 50 Million Transactions per month?

Our network effect AI ensures that whether you are starting your business or an established player, you will receive the same level of ML AI fraud detection as a payment industry giant. This makes it possible for anyone to be protected from fraud.

Machine learning artificial intelligence
to detect fraud results in:

Zoom in on Fraud

More targeted manual reviews - More operational control.

Less False Positives

Letting through more good transactions

Seamless Process

Happy consumers

Build Value

Higher lifetime values

Measure results yourself!

How about trying our solution and experiencing the next generation of fraud detection for yourself?