Money Mule Detection

Protect your institution with our comprehensive anti-money mule solution

Money mule activities pose a considerable threat to the stability and reputation of financial institutions. It involves recruited individuals, known as money mules, transferring illicitly acquired funds, obscuring their origin and making it harder for authorities to trace.

A Critical Challenge for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions often bear the brunt of these fraudulent activities, forced to reimburse stolen funds and suffering substantial impacts on their own reserves. At Fraudio, we understand this challenge. Our comprehensive money mule detection solution proactively detects and halts such activities and enables you to, safeguarding your assets, upholding your institution's reputation, and contributing significantly to the broader fight against financial crime.
An astounding 90% of money muling activities are directly linked to cybercrime (Europol). Our solution tackles this lethal combination head-on by looking for patterns and behavioural changes of financial accounts, protecting your companies’ financial stability and reputation.

How can Fraudio help?

Spot Irregular Behaviour As It Happens

Account behaviour can change in the blink of an eye. Our money mule detection tool keeps you one step ahead with immediate alerts. By employing advanced AI for anomaly detection and machine learning for ongoing transaction fraud risk assessment, we enable you to take action in real-time.

Deep Insights through Big Data and AI

Spotting money mule accounts can be challenging due to subtle and gradual behaviour  changes. Our solution uses a large networked dataset and unstructured data analysis. This approach, combined with AI-powered account profiling provides comprehensive reports that identify suspicious accounts and help you take appropriate action against money muling.

Evolving Protection for Evolving Threats

Stay on top of emerging financial crime trends with our adaptive AI. It learns from changes in fraudulent behaviour and calibrates for normal fluctuations to minimise false positives. With our solution, you can confidently respond to the ever-changing landscape of financial crime.

Transforming complex data into actionable insights

Spot Large Transactions Early: Uncover potential threats by identifying accounts with a high number of large transactions, which is often a signal of money mule activity.
Unmask Cross-Border Fraud: Pinpoint potential mule accounts involved in international transfers. Detect attempts to obscure the origin and destination of illicit funds across borders.
Stay Ahead of Rapid Transactions: Monitor accounts with high transaction frequency. Spot the common characteristic of money mules who engage in rapid transactions to quickly move funds.
Detect Suspicious Money Flows: Uncover circular money flows between multiple accounts, a popular technique used by money mules to obscure the source and destination of funds.
Identify High-Risk Operations: Flag accounts operating from unusual or high-risk locations. Money mules often use this strategy to evade detection.
Monitor Fund Turnover: Track accounts with a high turnover of funds relative to their available balance. This rapid turnover is a typical indication of money mule activity.
Track Illicit Fund Flows: Stay alert to accounts with high inflow-outflow ratios. Money mules often show this pattern as they receive and then quickly distribute illicit funds.

Defend your institution from money mule activities

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