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Fraudio is helping companies of all sizes in the payments ecosystem fight payment fraud and financial crime. Fraudio is powered by secure, scalable, and future proof technology and prides itself on being the fastest, and easiest to integrate with, delivering value from day one.

Our Story

At Fraudio, our journey began with a vision—transforming the fraud detection landscape to empower the global payments ecosystem. Our foundation was built by a team of visionaries who dared to challenge the status quo. We are not just a company but a movement dedicated to pioneering a safer financial world for all.

“We worked in the payment industry for many years and became so frustrated with the options available for fraud detection that we decided to build our own solution. We thought, hang on, there must be a better way.” - CEO and Co-Founder João Moura.

Fraudio was born out of frustration with existing fraud detection solutions and the belief that there must be a better way. The founding team leveraged their extensive experience in the payment industry to develop a sophisticated, centralized data solution using AI and machine learning.

This innovative spirit drives our development, enabling us to offer cutting-edge products like Payment Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Merchant Initiated Fraud Detection (MIFD) solutions.

Fraudio’s mission

A singular mission drives us: to empower companies of all sizes within the payments ecosystem with a powerful centralized AI brain. This brain detects fraud in real time and creates unrivalled value for our partners and their customers. This mission fuels our daily operations and strategic decisions, guiding us towards our vision of a secure and transparent financial ecosystem

Our global impact is undeniable, with a footprint spanning over 188 countries and protecting over one million merchants. Our partnerships in Europe, Latin America, and South-East Asia and recognitions such as the CTT E-commerce award and the ISO 27001 Certification underscore our commitment to providing world-class fraud detection solutions worldwide.

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Our Timeline


Co-founding team start developing the next generation of fraud detection from within one of the world’s leading PSPs and merchant acquirers.


Co-Founders spin Fraudio off with the goal of providing the entire payment ecosystem with world class fraud detection via an API first SaaS approach never seen before, creating unrivalled value.


Fraudio launches it’s Payment Fraud Detection product, receives financial backing and starts its first hiring cycle.


Fraudio brings on its first customers in Europe and Latin America and opens offices in the UK and Portugal.


Fraudio develops one of its star products helping PSPs and Acquirers detect Merchant Initiated Fraud.


Fraudio starts working with Viva Wallet, helping them expand faster using the Merchant Initiated Fraud product.


Fraudio closes a seed round worth 3.3 million dollars and starts its next hiring cycle.


Fraudio starts working with multi-billion dollar business SaltPay to serve its issuing and acquiring payment ecosystem of companies.


Fraudio broadened its global reach by forging a strategic partnership with Fazz Financial marking the company's expansion into the dynamic markets of South-East Asia.


In recognition of its innovative solutions in the financial services sector, Fraudio was honoured with the CTT E-commerce award in the category of "Startup - Innovation in Financial Services.”


Demonstrating its global impact, Fraudio marked a milestone of protecting over one million merchants, spread across 188 countries.


Fraudio launched its updated product suite including advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Payment Fraud Detection (PFD), and Merchant Initiated Fraud Detection (MIFD) products.


Fraudio's suitability for conducting R&D activities was recognised by the Portuguese National Agency of Innovation (ANI).


Fraudio was selected as one of the top 3 Portuguese fintechs to participate in the renowned Visa Innovation Program.

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At Fraudio, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We are a diverse team of artificial intelligence experts, data scientists, and professionals committed to making the digital world safer. Our culture fosters a collaborative environment where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every team member is empowered to contribute to our collective mission.

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