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We decomplexify & disrupt the payment fraud detection and anti-money laundering industries with our patented AI super brain.

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What makes us different

Powerful Network Effect

We connect all our customers to the same centralized AI super brain - creating powerful network effects, benefiting everyone.

Pioneering Patent

Just plug in to our API and get protection from the most cutting-edge patented AI.

SaaS Solution

Pay-per-use protection, top performance, unrivalled value - all from day one.

Future Proof

Our super brain automatically updates and scales, so you can grow your business not your costs.

Payment Fraud Detection

No integration / setup costs

Payment fraud scores from day one

Fully configurable risk-appetite thresholds

Reduce false positives and maximise conversion

Cut operational costs of fraud management

Future proof with constant machine learning

Powerful network effects

Responses below 100ms

Merchant Initiated Fraud Detection

Leverages Payment Fraud Detection platform

Continuously monitors risk indicators

Looks for known fraudulent patterns

Identifies anomalies and outliers

Provides alerts and reports

Allows for real-time responses

Reduces cost of merchant onboarding

Facilitates control of merchant portfolio risk

Money Laundering Detection

Utilises diverse big data sets

Monitors broad payment flows

Leverages supervised and unsupervised learning

Provides alerts and reports

Allows for real-time responses

Facilitates targeted investigations

Aids AML Compliance

Reduces operational costs

Truly next

Thanks to our disruptive patent pending technology we can connect every merchant, payment service provider, merchant acquirer and card issuer - of all sizes - to the same centralized Artificial Intelligence brain trained with billions of transactions.

This unleashes powerful network effects, backed up by our performance, which allows us to make:

Up to 30x better results than single dataset models

15x better than one of the card scheme solutions

40% better results than one of the top 3 fraud detection vendors

John Snoek - Chief Product Officer @ Payvision

"In a direct comparison Fraudio's payment fraud detection solution saved Payvision 40% more revenue than a top tier provider whilst reducing fraud to our target threshold. I am really impressed with this performance, which is powered by their multi-dataset network effect. Best of all, their API is quick and easy to integrate with, saving valuable time and resources."

Viva Wallet

"Fraudio enables us to detect fraudulent merchants and money laundering, ensuring the safety of our clients against Fraud in Payments."

Eduardo Pontes - Founder and CEO @ SaltPay

“In all these years and after having seen and used many anti-fraud tools, Fraudio was the only company I've seen offer a product that really works.”

Next Generation Fraud Detection.

Our proprietary plug & play AI brain does not need long and costly integration or configuration and is constantly learning. That is why we are a Generation 3 provider - taking it to the next level - no more rules based systems (Generation 1) or bespoke machine learning (Generation 2) based solutions.

Measure results yourself !

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